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Change to use Eleventy

Decided to update the blog. Tried to first update the existing Next.js logic, but decided to switch to Eleventy

  • eleventy
  • node
  • markdown
  • scheme
  • syntax highlight

PostgreSQL on macOS in 2023

Year is 2023 and installation was changed a little from the previous time in 2020, so here is updated version.

  • macos
  • postgresql
  • database
  • pgadmin

PostgreSQL on macOS

Short intro how to install PostgreSQL on macOS and some nice aliases to help the use.

  • macos
  • postgresql
  • database
  • postico

Syntax highlight to Next.js blog

Here are the steps that I did to get my Next.js blog to show syntax highlight in react-markdown generated code blocks.

  • jsx
  • next.js
  • syntax
  • highlight
  • markdown
  • react

Elm piping

Piping operators, <| and |> of Elm with few examples how they can be used.

  • elm
  • piping
  • operator
  • functional

Adding Vim to Xubuntu 20.04

Here are the steps that I had to take to get Vim to my freshly installed Xubuntu. Did need to install few additional dependencies to get it compiled.

  • vim
  • xubuntu
  • linux

Starting to create this site

I got the idea to create my own blog my listening webbidevaus.fi -podcast. And when I saw the great tutorial made by Cassidy Williams on Twitter, I was ready to start.

  • next.js
  • react
  • markdown
  • sass
  • dark-mode