Starting to create this site


I got the idea of creating blog when I have listened the and how blogs are dying because of social media. And after I happened to see the great tutorial by Cassidy Williams on the Twitter, I was ready to start.

What have been used to build this site?

If you are not familiar with that tutorial or do not want to read it, but I suggest you do, here are the main ideas and tech behind.

  • Built with Next.js framework
  • react-markdown that will parse and render Markdown files
    • Blog posts are written with Markdown
  • gray-matter will parse meta data from the blog posts that are in YAML, "front matter"
  • raw-loader will enable the possibility to load Markdown files with webpack
  • sass to help with styling the site
  • next-dark-mode for the color theme setting of the site
  • Accessibility is payed attention to while creating the site
    • Trying to validate with screenreader (VoiceOver) and with keyboard navigation

What will this site contain?

Idea is to add own pages for my projects: apps, games and others. And to occasionally write some blog post, mostly from something that I'm building or found interesting.

But I might also blog something that is not related to dev.

  • next.js
  • react
  • markdown
  • sass
  • dark-mode